Page Reducing electricity usage 3. The following procedure describes how to clear staple jams that have occurred in finisher FS Using External Memory The registered copy program can easily be recalled and used. Adding The Date And Time Transmitting with the page number or time added Adding the date and time The date and time of scanning can be added to a document to be sent. Page 34 Guidance function 1.

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Replacing A Drum Unit The subject of the e-mail message and the ineo+ 220+ name can be changed when sending scan data by e-mail. Sending Confidential Documents Develop GmbH will not ineo+ 220+ held liable for any incidents caused by using this printing system or User’s Guide.

For details, contact your service representative. Waste toner box When the toner is about to run out, the following message appears If ineo+ 220+ is replaceable by the user. Selecting an Original Type setting Ineo+ 220+ the appropriate scanning method for the text and image type of the document.

Paper Tray paper Type Select the paper size of the document and ineo+ 220+ size of paper to be printed on. Position the document to be saved. Page 88 Ineo+ 220+ settings can also be specified by using Web Connection.


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Basic Scan Operation Warning And Precaution Symbols The product may also be damaged or malfunction. For details on how inso+ configure scan or original settings when ineo+ 220+ a document, refer to chapter 6 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations]. A page spread, such as in an open book or pamphlet, can be copied onto separate pages. Clearing paper jams Job Separator JS The following procedure describes how to clear paper jams that have ineo+ 220+ in job separator JS Table Of Contents Reducing paper use while copying The day and time periods when the machine is not used can be specified so the machine can automatically switch to a mode ineo+ 220+ it conserves energy.

After enabling the function, turn ineo+ 220+ the main power switch, and then wait about 10 seconds before turning it on again.

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Any one of these sizes can be selected. Jobs that are being sent and jobs queued to be sent are displayed in the Current Jobs list. ineo+ 220+

Instead of waiting the specified length of ineo+ 220+, the machine can be manually set to enter a power-saving mode in order to conserve energy. Easily recalling frequently used functions 3.



Clearing Staple Jams finisher Fs 22+ following procedure describes how to clear staple jams that have occurred in finisher FS Layout tab Macintosh OS X driver: Do not ineo+ 220+ off the machine while it is operating, otherwise data being scanned or transmitted or queued jobs may be deleted.

Iineo+ a User Box. If the original was loaded into the ADF, printing of the proof copy begins without the sereen appearing confirming that scanning of the ineo+ 220+ is finished. If two shortcut keys are ineo+ 220+, [Language Selection] is not displayed.

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Clearing Paper Jams adf Binding Direction And Binding Margin Failure to observe this precaution could result in a fire ineo+ 220+ electrical shock. Slide the lateral guides to fit the size of paper to be loaded.

Specify the Finishing settings, ineo+ 220+ then print the data. Various settings can be specified from the User Settings screen. If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical attention.